TrackItEZ Documentation


Installing TrackItEZ *should* be simple:
  • Download the install zip file from SourceForge
  • Unzip the zip file into someplace on your harddrive. I do believe you have to keep the directory around after install for the program to work properly.
  • Run 'setup.exe' from the unzipped directory.
  • Create a directory to store your TrackItEZ data. This is where all the TrackItEZ database XML files will be stored in.
  • Startup TrackItEZ from your startup menu entries (a new entry TrackItEZ should be there).
  • Select File-->Open (or Ctrl+F) and point TrackItEZ at the directory you want the Database XML files to be stored at.
  • Start using it!

Using TrackItEZ

Soon to come...



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