TrackItEZ Do You Know ?


  • TrackItEZ was one of those "after-hours" project... Developed for the most part after 22:00. A couple of hours at a time. It addressed my interest in learning a bit more about .NET and at the same time gave me a tool for project planning and time tracking that I felt the need for. I use it everyday on my "real work", it is serving me well...;-)
  • A regular day of work has an average of 5-6 hours work (don't count second shifts! That would be cheating!!! :-) .

What If Scenarios

  • Since TrackItEZ uses a directory with XML files as data support, you can easily play with What If scenarios without fear of messing up your current data. Simply make a copy of your data directory, open that copy with TrackItEZ, play all you want. At the end of the day you can always revert to your original data directory...No data changed.

Plan Generation

  • TrackItEZ allows you to enter each person's vacation time. This is taken into account when a plan is generated. Tasks interrupted by vacation will have a longer start to finish time due to the interruption.
  • TrackItEZ generates plans based on a 6 hour effective working day. This should be made configurable but it is not configurable yet. Ask me to do that! (see Feedback section).


  • To make it easier to deploy, TrackItEZ uses XML files for storage support. No Database setup and configuration is required. This also allows you to use your favorite editor if you want to tweak any of the data entries.
  • TrackItEZ stores an XML file for the project information (projectStore.xml), an XML file for person information (personStore.xml) and one file per day of work entries (projectStoreWorkEntries-YYYY-MM-DD.xml).
  • You can easily backup your data by backing up the data directory.
  • You can share your tracking/planning info with your friends/colleagues...just zip the data directory and give it to them...they can unzip it and point TrackItEZ at it...they will be ready to go and seeing what you have.


  • If you submit a request for enhancement you will be contributing to a better tool...and you might get it in the next version...please ask away, this is the best way for me to improve the tool!
  • TrackItEZ is FREE! My best reward is to know if people are using it...Let me know if you are...
  • I will keep a list of desired enhancements at the project's SourceForge page. Add your own if you want it...There are already some in there, take a peek.
  • You can reach the author via the project's SourceForge page or directly at the email

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