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What is TrackItEZ ?

TrackItEZ is a lightweight time tracking and project management tool that addresses the multiple developer and multiple project management scenario and simplifies the project time tracking capturing.

Why TrackItEZ ?

All my "projects" serve the purpose of 1) trying to learn something new and 2) do something usefull for me in the process. TrackItEZ is my attempt to learn a bit more about C# and .NET and in the process try to address the issue of the complexity of managing multiple projects with multiple people management and lower the burden of day-to-day time tracking.

Multiple Project with Multiple People Management

I needed a quick way to be able to get quick views over existing projects, existing people and their respective allocation. I needed a way to be able to quickly play with the allocations and get quick views on "what if" scenarios.

Day-to-day Time Tracking

Often by the end of the day it would be very hard to assign times to tasks that I had worked upon during the day. Worse, after a week it became impossible to report on time tracking with precision. I needed a lightweight (lazy-proof) tool to record my time spent on tasks.

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